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What is Sufi Tea?

Sufi Tea is a Southern California based health/fitness brand est. in 2015. Whether served ice cold on a hot day or warm and cozy at night, Sufi Tea is a bold and innovative take on traditional drinking. Inspired by travels around the globe, from the Sahara Desert to Southern California, the high quality ingredients that make up our teas are ensured to promote a healthy body and nourish the soul.

Enjoy the all natural ingredients of fine tea for weight loss and detoxing. Blends can be bought via website and recieved in our specially designed Sufi "Teabox" or a monthly subscription service will guarentee you are always stocked by shpping right to your door! With the world seeming more and more complicated, Sufi Tea wants you to feel fresh and ready to take on the challenges encountered throughout the day with reasonable costs while still being fashionably elegant.

Sufi Tea is an all-American health/fitness brand established in 2015 to meet the demand for high quality tea supplements to aid in fitness and weight loss.

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